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Friday, 27 May 2011 07:49 by JRBenning

As a small company we can turn on a dime and often make feature changes as quickly as our customers request them.  However, some features just aren't needed by the average user.  So, we'll handle these through a file called SETTINGS.XSD.  If you open this file up with Notepad, you'll see it's an XML structured document with two parts.  The first section, <Main>, handles the general settings and the other section pertains to the kid accounts you've set up.

Today, we're going to talk about screen resolution.


The two tags above are used to restore your computer's resolution after an errant game/program has changed it.  Many DOS and/or graphics heavy programs change the computer's resolution when they run.  If game ends unexpectedly, it doesn't change the resolution back.  This is a problem for computers in Libraries that receive very little administrative attention.

To use this feature, just find out what resolution you're running now from and enter it into the appropriate tags.  If you want to disable the feature, just set them back to zero.

I'll discuss some of the other hidden features next week.

J.R. Benning

Peanut Butter Software

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